About Me

In my life so far I have been and done many things.

I have ridden motorbikes around race tracks.  I have been the singer in a band.  I have worked for famous actors.  I have won competitive swimming medals. I have toured England on a Honda Melody.  I have been a school caretaker.  I have taken a hot water bottle to Saint Lucia.  I have smoked a pipe.  I have given birth twice to three children.  I have lusted after Michael Foot.998940_10152604887028475_320709230_n

All I ever really wanted to do, though, was to write.  It has taken a long time for me to learn to write well.  The good news is that now I’m completing my MA in Creative Writing I really feel like I’m getting there.

Join me in my blog journey towards hopeful publication and see if you agree.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Peter d'Aguilar says:

    Dear Claudia
    Thank you for your wise and encouraging words on perseverance when seeking an agent. I will ignore the ever-expanding bruise on my forehead from its impact on too many brick walls and continue to send out my novel.
    May I wish you great success in your writing career.
    Very best wishes

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