Sneaky Preview Take 2

I’m kind of regretting my self-imposed remit to tweet a sentence from my novel every day. It’s an arduous, thankless task, particularly painful late at night when I turn off the light and close my weary eyes to find an irritating blue bird flitting into view, not so much tweeting as squawking at me. I’ve forgotten again.

I haul myself out of bed thinking, who even reads these tweets anyway? Who’d ever notice if they disappeared?

I admit to defaulting on a couple of occasions and, strange to say, this has not resulted in the system grinding to a halt under the strain of outraged tweets.  So, although I really don’t like reneging on a commitment, I have recently toyed with the idea of allowing my daily tweeted quotes to dwindle to the odd chirrup followed by blissful silence.

Then up pops fellow tweeter, @ClareMDavidson and asks if she can join in.  Sure, I say, but be warned you might regret it. Then she comes up with the hashtag #sentenceaday. And before I know it, she’s tweeting her book every day and I’m feeling doubly compelled to carry on with mine. Thanks Clare!

If anyone actually wants to read this stuff, the hashtag will make it easier to find.  And if anyone wants to join in, please feel free. At least then I’ll know I’m not the only fool lumbered with it.



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7 Responses to Sneaky Preview Take 2

  1. Fred Barnett says:

    It sure beats the usual, boring, bragging “twits” that I usually see on twitter. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Fred Barnett says:

    Great Idea. I’ll be following.

  3. Sorry! It just seemed like such a good idea, lol! I agree, it is hard to select a sentence every day.

  4. Nice post, Claudia! I love this idea but would also struggle with the commitment. It’s funny isn’t it, how hard can it be to post a sentence every day? But I’d struggle with the regularity of it as I’m a tweeting binger – big splurge and then nothing for days. If I dare to ‘pop in’ for a sentence, I know I wouldn’t be able to leave the party early and then pop! another half hour would be gone. I’ll look out for the hashtag, though, and if you don’t mind the odd extra submission, I’ll put the odd one of mine on when I’m feeling particularly brave! Good luck!

  5. claudia says:

    Please feel free to pop in and out with a sentence any time Jackie. I know how easy it is to get sucked in. The last thing #sentenceaday should do is to distract you from your writing! I look forward to reading your contributions.

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