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Do you need lots of life experience to be a good writer?

When I was around sixteen I told my granddad I was going to be a writer when I left school. Whilst applauding my intentions, he said that to be a good writer I would have to live a little first. … Continue reading

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Should You Tell People You’re Writing a Novel?

The sensible answer is probably ‘no.’ If you do, most people will assume, firstly, that it’s going to take at the very most a couple of months to complete. You must be prepared for endless check-ups on your progress. ‘How’s … Continue reading

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Evil Thoughts About Spaying

My writing workshop tutor keeps calling me Francesca.  I take this as a compliment, even though Francesca is a dark, deluded, dangerous woman.  Francesca is also the main character of my novel. I’m a nice person.  I have friends.  I … Continue reading

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