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To Live or to Write? That is the Question

I haven’t blogged in a while because I haven’t known how to blog about writing when the writing wasn’t going so well. The last thing I wanted was to drone on about how hard writing is, or to elevate my … Continue reading

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Guess The Story

Last July, in my post No Time To Blog, I put up some photos that related to my work in progress.  Now that I have finished the first draft and roughly completed the story, I thought I might post a … Continue reading

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I’ll Take You There

As well as being the title of an amazing book by Joyce Carol Oates, this is the unwritten invitation from writer to reader at the beginning of every novel. From the moment the reader opens the first page, the writer … Continue reading

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Why Writing Isn’t About Writing

I like posting photographs of writers on this website. You may have noticed. Writers in their studies, their living rooms, or even their baths. The one common factor is that each writer is depicted in the act of writing.  No … Continue reading

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Burn Out

Around a year ago I embarked upon a module called Planning The Novel for my Creative Writing MA. It was at this point that I began to think about the characters, the setting and the plot of my novel to … Continue reading

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Sod What Agents Want

What are agents looking for? I’ve come across a number of articles and discussions recently concerned with unravelling this mystery. It’s as if there’s some special elixir, some alchemy, which, if successfully harnessed by the aspiring author, will lead them … Continue reading

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So How Bad Was The First Draft?

This week, after taking a few days off as I had promised myself, I read through my first draft. People talk about the “bones of the story” and I’m pleased to say it has bones. There is, in fact, a … Continue reading

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First Draft Milestone

I am happy to report that today I completed the first draft of my novel. 105,813 words. Hurray! My plan was to finish by Christmas, but the novel turned out to be a little longer than I’d expected so the … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why I’m Not Qualified To Be A Writer

I did not complete my first novel at the age of two. Nor did I win any international literary prizes whilst attending primary school. I  was never a child who devoured books by torchlight under the bed covers whilst my … Continue reading

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What Makes A Good Title For A Novel?

I’m having trouble coming up with a title for my novel. It’s not a serious problem as the first draft is only half written and I’ve got plenty more time to think about it. Still, so far, that perfect word … Continue reading

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