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On the Writers and Artists website about writers’ groups – are they a good idea?

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How to Write Two Novels in One

Today I attended a small literary festival, specifically to listen to a talk about publishing. Oh, how depressing it was. This wasn’t for the usual reasons. There were no gloomy statistics on the odds stacked against aspiring authors. Rather the … Continue reading

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Who Knows Best What’s Good or Bad Writing?

Recently I applied to join a writers’ group. I didn’t particularly want to join the group. I already meet up fairly regularly with three fellow writers who offer mutual support and constructive criticism.  I always find our meetings extremely useful … Continue reading

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A Writers’ Retreat – Is It Worth It?

May, June and July were busy months for me for various reasons, none of which was particularly beneficial to my writing.  My focus faded and my output dwindled.   Just as well I’d booked myself on a writers’ retreat for the … Continue reading

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In Defence of Social Media

Some of my friends give me a funny look when I tell them I’m on Facebook and Twitter. This look is often followed by the disclaimer, ‘Oh, I don’t have time for any of that stuff.’ I completely understand. I … Continue reading

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